List of Centrally Protected Monuments - State-wise


Sl.No. Name of the Monument Locality District
1 “Arsenal” between Wellesley house and Clive’s House with shells and cannons piled together near the Gateway Block IV/1-12 and 14-18. Fort St. George, Chennai-9 Chennai
2 Big Warehouse, south of the Church Library (in Block No. II/7). Fort St. George, Chennai-9 Chennai
3 Chaplain’s house including portion which is the northern side of the old Wall II/1. Fort St. George, Chennai-9 Chennai
4 Clive’s house built in 1753 Fort St. George, Chennai-9 Chennai
5 Garrison Engineer’s Depot, Block No. IV Fort St. George, Chennai-9 Chennai
6 Guard room Block No. V Fort St. George, Chennai-9 Chennai
7 King’s Barracks Block No. XXV Fort St. George, Chennai-9 Chennai
8 Last house on the left of ‘Snobs Allay’ (Oldest house in the Fort with carved staircase) – Block No. I/1 Fort St. George, Chennai-9 Chennai
9 Nursing Sister’s House (Block No. I/3) Fort St. George, Chennai-9 Chennai
10 Old British Infantry Officer’s Mess (now housing the Fort Museum) Block XXXVI/2 Fort St. George, Chennai-9 Chennai
11 Ramparts, gates, bastions, Ravelins with vaulted chambers and water cisterns underneath; moat and defence walls all round with glacis to the extent of the existing barbed wire fence Fort St. George, Chennai-9 Chennai
12 St. Mary’s Church with tablets laid on the ground and enclosed by a compound and a buried wall Fort St. George, Chennai-9 Chennai
13 Wellesley house (Built in 1798), Block No. IV/13 Fort St. George, Chennai-9 Chennai
14 Tomb of David Yale and Joseph Hymners in the compound of Law College, George Town Muthialpet (Law College/ High Court Compound), Chennai Chennai
15 Old town Wall Tondiarpet, Chennai Chennai
16 Sri Dhenupuriswara Temple Madambakkam Kanchipuram
17 Dutch cemetery Pulicat Thiruvallur
18 Old Temple with apsidal gopuram (Dharmeswara Temple) Manimangalam Kanchipuram
19 Fortress comprising hill fort on the Rajagiri, the inner and lower fort, and lines of Fortification connecting the Rajagiri, Krishnagiri and Chakkil durg (Orme’s St. George mountain) Hill. Gingee Villupuram
20 In the minor and Lower forts :- (a)   i. Inner fort, Venugopala temple called “Bajanai kudam” with large polished slab and five carved figures in three panels, a granary, a gymnasium, Kalyana mahal (ii) Stables and barracks, the remains of Mahabutkhan’s Mosque, (iii) Anaikulam tank and (b) Lower fort, Chakkaraikulam and chettikulam ponds, a dais with two idols, representing Kamalakkanniamman and with two symbols of serpent god, the masonry platform of Desingh’s funeral pyre and his girl wife’s sati, idol of Hunuman Gingee Villupuram
21 Old Jail near Pondicherry gate and two Persian inscriptions on the outer surface of the last two bastions in the south of the eastern wall of the inner fort Gingee Villupuram
22 Saad-at-allah Khan’s mosque with Persian inscriptions on pondicherry gate (A.D 1713) Gingee Villupuram
23 Two granaries, a magazine, flag staff, Ranganatha temple, Kamalakkanniamman temple and the sacrificial slab in front of it, a big cannon, a treasury and the audience hall on the Rajagiri Gingee Villupuram
24 Two granaries, Well for storing ghee, well for storing oil, two temples and an audience chamber on the Krishnagiri Gingee Villupuram
25 Venketaramana Temple with inscriptions in Tamil, prisoners well Gingee Villupuram
26 Outside the fort:- (1)     Pattabirama temple and (2) Twelve pillared mandapa Narasingarayanpettai Villupuram
27 Twenty four jain figures in two rows, a standing nude figure, two fragments of a sitting figure and two inscriptions on Tirunathankunnu Sirukadambur Villupuram
28 Rock cut Pallava Temple Dalavanur Villupuram
29 Pallava rock cut shrine Kilmavilangai Villupuram
30 Rock cut Pallava temple Mandagapattu Villupuram
31 Vinnamparai rock containing pallava inscriptions Thondur Villupuram
32 Talagiriswara temple and a cave containing an image of Durga and Pallava inscriptions together with adjacent land comprised in survey plot no. 396 Panamalai Villupuram
33 Sri Azhagiya Narasimma perumal temple Ennayiram Villupuram
34 Sri Pataleswara Temple Brahmadesam Villupuram
35 Sri Brahmapuriswara Temple Brahmadesam Villupuram
36 Sri Apathsahayeswara Temple and Gateway with Horses Sendamangalam Villupuram
37 Vaikuntaperumal temple Kanchipuram Kanchipuram
38 Kailasanatha temple Kanchipuram Kanchipuram
39 Piravathanesvara temple Kanchipuram Kanchipuram
40 Iravathanesvara temple Kanchipuram Kanchipuram
41 Jvarahesvara temple Kanchipuram Kanchipuram
42 Mathangesvara temple Kanchipuram Kanchipuram
43 Muktesvara temple Kanchipuram Kanchipuram
44 Large Siva temple(Apathsahayesvara temple) Tenneri Kanchipuram
45 Lesser Siva temple(Kanthalingesvara temple) Tenneri Kanchipuram
46 Venkatesa perumal temple Tirumukkudal Kanchipuram
47 Vaikuntaperumal temple Uttiramerur Kanchipuram
48 Rock-cut shrine Koranganilmuttam Tiruvannamalai
49 Monolithic rock-cut temple Mahendravadi Vellore
50 Konar temple Tirumalpur Vellore
51 Rock-cut caves, sculptures & inscriptions Mamandur Tiruvannamalai
52 Rock-cut cave Narasamangalam Tiruvannamalai
53 Chandramoulisvara temple Nattery Tiruvannamalai
54 Arjuna's Penance Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
55 Arjuna's Rath Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
56 Bhima's Rath Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
57 Dharmaraja"s Rath Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
58 Dharmaraja's Rock-cut Throne Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
59 Dolotsava Mantapa Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
60 Draupadi's Rath Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
61 Draupadi's Bath Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
62 Eight stone images on a masonry platform known as the seven Pidaris Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
63 Huge stone figures of a lion, elephant and a bull Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
64 Iswara Temple Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
65 Kottikal Mandapa Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
66 Krishna’s Butterball Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
67 Krishna Mandapa Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
68 Large unfinished rock sculptures similar to Arjuna’s Penance near the light house Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
69 Mahishamardhini rock cut Mandapa Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
70 Mahishasura rock standing in the sea to the north of the Shore Temple Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
71 Mukundanayanar Temple (Half buried in sand to the north of the village) Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
72 Rock cut Ganesa Temple Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
73 Rock cut Varaha Temple containing Varaha and Vamana Incarnations of Vishnu Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
74 Rock cut Sculpture representing a group of elephants, monkeys and peacock Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
75 Royagopuram(Unfinished) Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
76 Sahadeva’s Rath Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
77 Shore (Aleva) Temple Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
78 Small monolithic Temples known as Valiankuttai Ratha (Unfinished) Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
79 Stone Sculpture representing a group of monkeys Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
80 Triple celled rock cut shrine with Gopi’s churn in front of it Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
81 Two rock cut cave Temples at the north east corner of the Koneri Pallam tank Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
82 Two small carved rocks to the south of the shore Temple Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
83 Two small monolithic Temples known as the Pidari Amman Ratha (Unfinished) Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
84 Unfinished Ratha and stone couch Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
85 Unfinished Rock cut cave Temple north of Krishna Mandapa Mamallapuram Kanchipuram
86 Ruined Dutch Fort and cemetery Sadras Kanchipuram
87 Rock cut Siva Temples with three lingas Saluvankuppam Kanchipuram
88 Tiger headed rock cut Temple Saluvankuppam Kanchipuram
89 Two inscribed rocks, one having six and the other fifty lines of ancient Tamil inscriptions with remains of others ancient buildings Saluvankuppam Kanchipuram
90 Munkudumi Eswaran Temple Ponvilainthakalathur Kanchipuram
91 Nithya kalyanaswami Temple Tiruvidanthai Kanchipuram
92 Orukkal mandapam Tirukkalikundram Kanchipuram
93 Tirupuleswarar Temple Vayalur Kanchipuram
94 Nitiswaraswami Temple Srimushnam Cuddalore
95 Excavated remains of Buddhist vihara and Temple at Pallavaneswaram Melaiyur (Kaveripattinam) Nagapattinam
96 Town Gateway Tarangambadi Nagapattinam
97 Ranganathaswamy temple Namakkal Namakkal
98 Narasimhaswamy temple Namakkal Namakkal
99 Hill Fort Namakkal Namakkal
100 Fort at Attur Attur Salem
101 Fort and temple on the hill Chinnakavandanur Salem
102 Jain temple Mettupudur Erode
103 Sugrisvara temple and tank Sircarperiyapalayam Erode
104 Muruganatha temple Tirumuruganpoondi Coimbatore
105 Hill Fort Rayakottai Dharmapuri
106 Hill Fort Krishnagiri Krishnagiri
107 Chennarayaperumal temple together with adjacent lands Adiyamankottai Dharmapuri
108 Korangunatha temple Srinivasanallur Karur
109 Rock(Kulithalai) Vaigainallur Karur
110 Ramapada Mandapam Kodiakkarai Nagapattinam
111 Inscribed stone Kodiakkadu Thiruvarur
112 Brihadisvara temple Gangaikondacholapuram Ariyalur
113 Jain statue silt & granite called Paluppar Jayankondacholapuram Ariyalur
114 Jain statue Jayankondacholapuram Ariyalur
115 Fort Ranjankudi Perambalur
116 Shamshkhan's Mosque Vallapuram Perambalur
117 Siva temple Valikantapuram Perambalur
118 Airavatesvara temple Chatram Darasuram Thanjavur
119 Big Cannon(Rajagopal Cannon) in the East rampart Thanjavur Thanjavur
120 Schwartz Church Thanjavur Thanjauvr
121 Sivaganga little Fort enclosing the Big temple Thanjavur Thanjauvr
122 Siva temple Tiruverumbur Trichy
123 Head sluice, Periyavoikal, Nattuvoikal Musiri Karur
124 Whole of the Siva temple & the inscribed stone in the front mandapam Ammankuruchi Pudukkottai
125 Sarangathesvara temple(known as Thiruvagnesvara temple) Chittur Pudukkottai
126 Rock-cut Siva temple Devarmalai Pudukkottai
127 Soundararajaperumal temple Irumbanadu Pudukkottai
128 Siva temple and the lion pillar Irumbanadu Pudukkottai
129 Jain Tirthankara idol Kannangarakudi Pudukkottai
130 Balasubramanya temple Kannanur Pudukkottai
131 Malayakoil Malayakovil Pudukkottai
132 Rajendra cholisvara temple Ponamaravati Pudukkottai
133 Uttamadanisvara temple Keelathanayam Pudukkottai
134 Menandar Pillayar temple Melanilaivayal or Melanilaippatti Pudukkottai
135 Rock-cut shrine of Pushpavaneswara Puvalakudi Pudukkottai
136 Bhumisvarasvami temple Sevalur Pudukkottai
137 Vishnu and Sridevi idols Sangirai Pudukkottai
138 Sundaresvara temple with sub-shrine Thirukkattalai Pudukkottai
139 Stone and brick Fort Thirumayam Pudukkottai
140 Rock-cut Siva temple (Satyagiriswara Shrine) Thirumayam Pudukkottai
141 Rock-cut Vishnu temple(Satyamurti Shrine) Thirumayam Pudukkottai
142 Natural Cavern called Andar Madam Sembuthi Pudukkottai
143 Sanctum of Siva temple Tirukkalambur Pudukkottai
144 Jain Tirthankara image seated on a pedestal to the East of bund Thekkattur Pudukkottai
145 Siva temple on the western bund of Enadi Kulam Varpet Pudukkottai
146 Alagarmalai cavern with Pancha Pandava beds midway between Alagarmalai and Kidampatti Alagarkoil Madurai
147 Pancha Pandava bed, Jain statues and Brahmi and Vatteluttu inscriptions on the Pancha Pandavas Kilaiyur Madurai
148 Rock-cut bas relief of Jain images with inscriptions in Vatteluttu in Amanarmalai or Samanar malai Keelakuilkudy Madurai
149 Rock-cut bas relief and beds a mutilated Jain stone image Karadipatti Madurai
150 Cave in Sitharmalai Melakuilkudy Madurai
151 Jain statues, rock inscriptions and Pancha Pandava beds on hill Kalluthu Madurai
152 Cavern with Pancha Pandava beds on the western slope of the hills and similar beds behind the Sikandar mosque Tirupparankundram Madurai
153 Rock-cut Cave & Inscriptions Tirupparankundram Madurai
154 Karuppanaswamy Rock & Jain sculpture Uthamapalayam Theni
155 Cave in Sttarmalai Mettupatti Madurai
156 Kalabamudayar temple Irumbanadu Pudukkottai
157 Stone idols of Ganesha & Anjaneya Irumbanadu Pudukkottai
158 Jain image stone, lion & foundation of a temple Kannankudi Pudukkottai
159 Ruined Siva temple Kulathur Pudukkottai
160 Uthamanswamy temple Kulathur Pudukkottai
161 Jain Tirthankara image Valavambatti Pudukkottai
162 Rock-cut temples with inscriptions Kunnakudi Sivaganga
163 Tirumalai Nayak's Palace Srivilliputhur Virudunagar
164 Fort Gateway (Main Guard Gate) Trichy Trichy
165 Rock Fort - Lower cave, path leading to the site in front of the lower cave, path leading to the upper cave, Site in front of lower cave, Upper cave Trichy Trichy
166 Jain Tirthankara image Alangudipatti Pudukkottai
167 Jain image Alathur Pudukkottai
168 Cave & Jain image Ammachatram Pudukkottai
169 Jain image Annavasal Pudukkottai
170 Siva temple Ariyur Pudukkottai
171 Cavern on the western side of the Kudumiyanmalai Temple hill Kudumiyanmalai Pudukkottai
172 Jain image Kannangudi Pudukkottai
173 Siva temple Keelaiyur Pudukkottai
174 Siva temple Keeranur Pudukkottai
175 Muchukundesvara temple Kodumbalur Pudukkottai
176 Muvar koil Kodumbalur Pudukkottai
177 Remains of Aivar koil Kodumbalur Pudukkottai
178 Amman shrine Kudumiyanmalai Pudukkottai
179 Siva temple Kunnandarkoil Pudukkottai
180 Jain image Letchumanpatti Pudukkottai
181 Idols in the southernbund of Teppakkulam or Urani Madarapatti Pudukkottai
182 Rock-cut Siva temple Malayadipatti Pudukkottai
183 Vishnu temple Malayadipatti Pudukkottai
184 Ruins of a Jain shrine Mangadevanpatti Pudukkottai
185 Jain temple site Mangadevanpatti Pudukkottai
186 Siva and Pillayar temple Mangudi Pudukkottai
187 Jain Tirthankara idol(Ayyanar) and Devi idols Marudur Pudukkottai
188 Jain Tirthankara idol and relics of old Jain Temple Melur Pudukkottai
189 (1)Jain Tirthankara image in Simhasana posture lying in bas relief on a slab (2) Remains of the Temple (3) Ganesa Image and (4) Nandi with inscriptions on the basement and the surrounding portions in the Karuppar Hill Mylapatti Pudukkottai
190 Tirupperumanadar temple called Madattukoil Nangupatti Pudukkottai
191 Jain idol, two Durga idols, one vishnu idol & inscribed stone slab Nanjur Pudukkottai
192 Amman koil Narthamalai Pudukkottai
193 Rock-cut Siva temple Narthamalai Pudukkottai
194 Vijayalaya Cholisvaram and the group of sub-shrines around it Narthamalai Pudukkottai
195 Rock-cut Vishnu shrine Narthamalai Pudukkottai
196 Siva temple Nirpalani Pudukkottai
197 Siva temple Panangudi Pudukkottai
198 Vishnu temple Panangudi Pudukkottai
199 Jain image Puliyur Pudukkottai
200 Jain image Puttambur Pudukkottai
201 Stone sluice with Nandipottan's inscription Rajalipatti Pudukkottai
202 Stone idols of Vishnu and Devi and Siva Rasipuram Pudukkottai
203 Jain mound, Jain images, other idols & lion pillars Sembattur Pudukkottai
204 Rock-cut Jain temple Sittanavasal Pudukkottai
205 Natural Cavern with stone beds - Eladipattam Sittanavasal Pudukkottai
206 Tiruvilangudi Siva temple Suriyur Pudukkottai
207 Siva temple Tennangudi Pudukkottai
208 Cholisvaramudayar temple Tiruppur Pudukkottai
209 Siva temple Thodaiyur Pudukkottai
210 Siva temple Varapur Pudukkottai
211 Jain Tirthankara image Veerakudi Pudukkottai
212 Kailasanatha temple Vellanur Pudukkottai
213 Agastisvara temple Vellanur Pudukkottai
214 Two lion pillars in vahana mandapa of Subrahmanya temple Viralimalai Pudukkottai
215 Siva temple Visalur Pudukkottai
216 Fort on rock(Dindigul Fort) Pallapatti Dindigul
217 Jaina Tirthankara image and inscribed stone Chettipatti Pudukkottai
218 Ruined Jain temple Chettipatti Pudukkottai
219 Sikkanathaswamy temple Kudumiyanmalai Pudukkottai
220 Musical Inscriptions Kudumiyanmalai Pudukkottai
221 Rock-cut shrine called Melakkoil with mandapa in front Kudumiyanmalai Pudukkottai
222 Vishnu Idol Melur Pudukkottai
223 Jain image in waterspread of Pudukulam Tiruppur Pudukkottai
224 Jalakantesvara temple Vellore Vellore
225 Fort Vellore Vellore
226 Old Mosque inside the Fort Vellore Vellore
227 Somanatha temple Melpadi Vellore
228 Cholesvara temple Melpadi Vellore
229 Jain Sculptures and Snscriptions on the Hill Vallimalai Vellore
230 Subramanyaswamy Temple Vallimalai Vellore
231 Ranganatha Temple Erukkampattu Vellore
232 Delhi Gate Arcot Vellore
233 Cannon Arcot Vellore
234 Masjid and two ponds in the west of the Citadel Arcot Vellore
235 Adjoining building to the Masjid and two ponds Arcot Vellore
236 Natural caverns known as Virupakshi guha and Skandashram and path leading from Ramanashram Tiruvannamalai Tiruvannamalai
237 Rock-cut temple and sculptures Siyamangalam Tiruvannamalai
238 North-east corner of the outer rampart of the old Fort at Arcot Muppaduvetti Vellore
239 Jain temple Tirumalai Tiruvannamalai
240 Svayambunatha temple Kilputhur Tiruvannamalai
241 Rock, sculptures and caves Vilappakkam Vellore
242 Rock inscription in the right flank of the Sholingar tank Sholingur Vellore
1 Sri Todarinatha (Varadaraja Perumal)Temple Tirubhuvanai Puducherry
2 Panchanadisvara temple Tiruvandarkoil Puducherry
3 Tirukundangudi Mahadeva temple Madagadipattu Puducherry
4 Mulanathasvami temple Bahour Puducherry
5 Ekambaresvara temple Settur Puducherry
6 Svayambunathaswamy temple Nedungadu Puducherry
Number of Centrally Protected Monuments under the jurisdiction of Chennai Circle
    Number of Monuments  
TOTAL 248