List of Monuments and Sites: TRICHY SUB-CIRCLE

Sl.No. Name of the Monument Locality District
1 Fort Gateway (Main Guard Gate) Trichy Trichy
2 Rock Fort - Lower cave, path leading to the site in front of the lower cave, path leading to the upper cave, Site in front of lower cave, Upper cave Trichy Trichy
3 Jain Tirthankara image Alangudipatti Pudukkottai
4 Jain image Alathur Pudukkottai
5 Cave & Jain image Ammachatram Pudukkottai
6 Jain image Annavasal Pudukkottai
7 Siva temple Ariyur Pudukkottai
8 Cavern on the western side of the Kudumiyanmalai Temple hill Kudumiyanmalai Pudukkottai
9 Jain image Kannangudi Pudukkottai
10 Siva temple Keelaiyur Pudukkottai
11 Siva temple Keeranur Pudukkottai
12 Muchukundesvara temple Kodumbalur Pudukkottai
13 Muvar koil Kodumbalur Pudukkottai
14 Remains of Aivar koil Kodumbalur Pudukkottai
15 Amman shrine Kudumiyanmalai Pudukkottai
16 Siva temple Kunnandarkoil Pudukkottai
17 Jain image Letchumanpatti Pudukkottai
18 Idols in the southernbund of Teppakkulam or Urani Madarapatti Pudukkottai
19 Rock-cut Siva temple Malayadipatti Pudukkottai
20 Vishnu temple Malayadipatti Pudukkottai
21 Ruins of a Jain shrine Mangadevanpatti Pudukkottai
22 Jain temple site Mangadevanpatti Pudukkottai
23 Siva and Pillayar temple Mangudi Pudukkottai
24 Jain Tirthankara idol(Ayyanar) and Devi idols Marudur Pudukkottai
25 Jain Tirthankara idol and relics of old Jain Temple Melur Pudukkottai
26 (1)Jain Tirthankara image in Simhasana posture lying in bas relief on a slab (2) Remains of the Temple (3) Ganesa Image and (4) Nandi with inscriptions on the basement and the surrounding portions in the Karuppar Hill Mylapatti Pudukkottai
27 Tirupperumanadar temple called Madattukoil Nangupatti Pudukkottai
28 Jain idol, two Durga idols, one vishnu idol & inscribed stone slab Nanjur Pudukkottai
29 Amman koil Narthamalai Pudukkottai
30 Rock-cut Siva temple Narthamalai Pudukkottai
31 Vijayalaya Cholisvaram and the group of sub-shrines around it Narthamalai Pudukkottai
32 Rock-cut Vishnu shrine Narthamalai Pudukkottai
33 Siva temple Nirpalani Pudukkottai
34 Siva temple Panangudi Pudukkottai
35 Vishnu temple Panangudi Pudukkottai
36 Jain image Puliyur Pudukkottai
37 Jain image Puttambur Pudukkottai
38 Stone sluice with Nandipottan's inscription Rajalipatti Pudukkottai
39 Stone idols of Vishnu and Devi and Siva Rasipuram Pudukkottai
40 Jain mound, Jain images, other idols & lion pillars Sembattur Pudukkottai
41 Rock-cut Jain temple Sittanavasal Pudukkottai
42 Natural Cavern with stone beds - Eladipattam Sittanavasal Pudukkottai
43 Tiruvilangudi Siva temple Suriyur Pudukkottai
44 Siva temple Tennangudi Pudukkottai
45 Cholisvaramudayar temple Tiruppur Pudukkottai
46 Siva temple Thodaiyur Pudukkottai
47 Siva temple Varapur Pudukkottai
48 Jain Tirthankara image Veerakudi Pudukkottai
49 Kailasanatha temple Vellanur Pudukkottai
50 Agastisvara temple Vellanur Pudukkottai
51 Two lion pillars in vahana mandapa of Subrahmanya temple Viralimalai Pudukkottai
52 Siva temple Visalur Pudukkottai
53 Fort on rock(Dindigul Fort) Pallapatti Dindigul
54 Jaina Tirthankara image and inscribed stone Chettipatti Pudukkottai
55 Ruined Jain temple Chettipatti Pudukkottai
56 Sikkanathaswamy temple Kudumiyanmalai Pudukkottai
57 Musical Inscriptions Kudumiyanmalai Pudukkottai
58 Rock-cut shrine called Melakkoil with mandapa in front Kudumiyanmalai Pudukkottai
59 Vishnu Idol Melur Pudukkottai
60 Jain image in waterspread of Pudukulam Tiruppur Pudukkottai
Sl.No. Name of the Site Locality District
1 Dolmens near Palamalai Adukkam Dindigul
2 Dolmens near Machur reserved forest Pannaikkadu Dindigul
3 Dolmens near Machur Pannaikkadu Dindigul
4 Dolmens near Talayar river on the top of the hill Pannaikkadu Dindigul
5 Dolmens Vilpatti Dindigul
6 Dolmens and Cairns Amburapatti Pudukkottai
7 Pre-historic burial site(Known as Kurangupattarai) Ammachatram Pudukkottai
8 Pre-historic burial site, stone circles and Menhirs Annavasal Pudukkottai
9 Dolmens Kilaiyur Pudukkottai
10 Dolmens Muttampatti Pudukkottai
11 Pre-historic burial site Narangiyanpettai Pudukkottai
12 Pre-historic Dolmens Peyal Pudukkottai
13 Dolmens and Ayyanar Image Poyyamai &Virudupatti Pudukkottai
14 Pre-historic burial site Satyamangalam Pudukkottai
15 Dolmens and Urns Sengalur Pudukkottai
16 Dolmens in Annavasal Vattam Sittannavasal Pudukkottai
17 Dolmens(known as Kurangupattarai) Thayinipatti Pudukkottai
18 Group of Dolmens Tiruppur Pudukkottai
19 Pre-historic burial site Vadugapatti Pudukkottai
20 Pre-historic burial site Vathanakurichi Pudukkottai
21 Pre-historic burial site Vilapatti Pudukkottai
  Number of Monuments 60  
  Number of Sites 21  
  Total 81